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HOBBIT is a distributed benchmarking platform designed for the unified execution of benchmarks for Linked Data solutions. The Hobbit benchmarking platform is based on the FAIR data principles and is the first benchmarking platform able to scale up to benchmarking real-world scenarios for Big Linked Data solutions.

  • Benchmark your systems against one of HOBBIT benchmarks and compare it with others on our or your own cluster, or locally.
  • Implement and publish your own benchmarks.
  • Take part of periodically organized challenges.

Quick start

Want to take part in a challenge?

Interested in benchmarking your system?

Eager to deploy the platform?

See our YouTube channel with tutorials.

Master instance of the HOBBIT platform, where public experiments and challenges take place:

hobbit-project GitHub organization for HOBBIT development:

GitLab instance for benchmark and system developers:

Who should read this docs

The documentation is primarily written for the people, who want to deploy the platform, system developers, benchmark developers and challenge organizers.


HOBBIT: A platform for benchmarking Big Linked Data